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Toyota Tundra 1794 CrewMax 2016 Stereo Installers San Antonio TX

Toyota Tundra 1794 CrewMax 2016 Stereo Installers San Antonio TX

For the last 10 years we have specialized in Toyota audio upgrades.  Our primary customer base are Toyota owners. We have performed literately hundreds of Toyota Tundra and Tacoma installations. We also perform installations on most every other model Toyota manufacturers.  No one in San Antonio TX or pretty much the entire US has installed more audio systems into Toyota Tundras and Tacomas. We provide detailed installation videos and pictures. We also provide installation services. Some of our customers come from as far as New York to have us perform installations. We have had people come to San Antonio to vacation just so we could install an audio system for them 🙂

At the time of this post we have over 23,000 customers world wide and over 32,000 online orders fulfilled. ALL to Toyota owners. It only makes sense to bring your Toyota to the place that knows it best! Our installation prices and products are generally much less than comparable brick and mortar stores here in Texas. Our primary business is online. We do not rely on local install


In this 1794 Edition Toyota Tundra CrewMax we installed the following: ReCurve EZQ dual 10″ Subwoofer Box with Image Dynamics ID10V4 heavy duty speakers adapters front & rear

Image Dynamics CXS64 Front Component Speakers & CTX65CS Rear Door Component Speakers

Ballastic matting – Front / Rear Doors and Rear Wall




Stereo & Wiring Installation kit:

Stinger Power, Speaker and Signal Cables:
Stinger 3′ POWER CABLE 4GA – Ring Terminal Attached
Stinger 13′ POWER CABLE 4GA

Stinger 4′ POWER CABLE 4GA – Ring Terminal Attached

Color Coded Speaker Wire:

Stinger 50′ 16GA Black Speaker Wire (Driver Side Speakers)
Stinger 50′ 16GA Silver Speaker Wire (Passenger Side Speakers)
Stinger 25′ 18GA Black Speaker wire (Driver Side Tweeters)
Stinger 25′ 18GA Silver Speaker Wire (Passenger Side Tweeters)
Stinger 25′ 12Ga Black Subwoofer Wire

NOTE: If you are installing tweeters in front & rear doors, you will need an additional 25 feet of tweeter wiring.

RCA Signal Cables:

1 RCA CABLE 12 Ft Twisted Pair – 6 Channel (Front / Rear / Sub)

Misc Items:
35′ Primary Blue Remote Turn on wire
6′ 3/4 Split Loom
T-Spec  ANL Fuse Holder
T-Spec 100 Amp ANL Fuse
10 Crimp Caps
8 Speaker Terminals .25 (Door speakers)
4 Speaker Terminals .187 (tweeters)
4 Speaker Terminal .25 (subwoofer)
15 Small Zip Ties
15 Large Zip Ties

Under Seat – Amp Mounting Gear:

4 Nylons Spacers
4 Mounting Bolts
4 Mounting washers
4 Sealing Caulk