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Toyota Tundra System 1A JBL Equipped Audio Upgrade

Now so will it's audio!

Unleash the ultimate sound experience of our System 1A in your Tundra! Our unmatched audio system delivers crystal-clear highs, deep rich bass, and powerful volume and clarity at all listening levels – all while seamlessly integrating with your Tundra’s stock JBL equipped stereo.

Get ready for a built to last, built to blast audio that lets you crank up the tunes with confidence, every single ride. It’s like having a concert hall on wheels, ready to rock your Tundra on demand!

Toyota Tundra System 1B JBL Equipped Audio Upgrade

What is included?

Speaker System

Subwoofer System

2022 Toyota Tundra Subwoofer Box 10 Inch single

JBL Integration / Audio Signal Acquisition

J.A.R.V.I.S. – communicates via the Toyota AVC-LAN (DATABUS) to acquire the preamp audio signal. This clean unmodified audio signal is similar to an aftermarket head unit, removing any need for channel summing devices. Seamless plug & play integration with you stock JBL stereo.

Power Info

Toyota Tundra Speaker Subwoofer Amplifier TXD10005

Installation / Integration System

Plug & Play Integration requires no cutting or splicing of any factory wires. Installations harnesses are included for every driver.

Mounting and installation hardware designed to work specifically with your Toyota Tundra. All mounting and installation equipment uses stock mounting locations. Not drilling into your Tundra required.

Custom deigned installation equipment including laser cut amp rack (bolts to factory mounting location). Laser cut crossover network installation accessories. Oxygen Free Copper power wire kit includes fuses & distribution blocks.

100% reversible installation! Return the truck audio system back to stock! Not on wire cut or one hole drilled in your Tundra!

Install Gear

Customer Installations: