2022+ JBL EQUIPPED Toyota Tundra Crewmax – System 1B Complete Audio System (COMING SOON)






System 1B is our most popular and best selling audio system designed for your 2022+ JBL Toyota Tundra Crewmax. Our audio systems designed for your Toyota Tundra are the best bang for buck . . HANDS DOWN!

Unmatched CLARITY at ALL listening levels.

Tundra Direct Integration & Amplification System:

System 1B includes our Tundra direct connect integration system. This integration system connects underneath your driver’s seat. To maintain the integrity of your factory wiring, ZERO cutting or splicing is required, and the entire system is completely reversible.  PLUS, there is no need to run speaker wires to your dash tweeters, rear door tweeters, front and rear doors. This makes these systems ideal for leased trucks or you can return your truck to its factory state if you decide sell or trade in your Tundra. Experienced installers will LOVE all the headaches we have removed from a factory audio system integration. New installers will love how we have color coded and labeled every cable to ensure fast and easy installation.

  • TacoTunes JBL Integration system grabs the signal needed for the new amps before your factory JBL amp. Using the signal after the JBL amp would require channel summing (the process of combining multiple audio signals into a single signal). 
  • Amplifiers create harmonic distortion (noise). By obtaining our signal before the JBL amp modifies it, we provide the aftermarket amplifiers with a clean, flat signal eliminating any excessive noise. 

Our TXD line of amps utilize the latest in Class D amplifier technology. Unlike older AB amps that operate at roughly 50% efficiency, our amplifiers operate at nearly 95% efficiency. This means our amps draw less power and generate much less heat. GREATLY reducing the load on your Tundra’s charging system. PLUS, they are much smaller because they do not require heat sinks to be as large as older style amplifiers.

2024 JBL tundra amplifier upgrade
2023 JBL tundra subwoofer upgrade
2023 JBL tundra subwoofer upgrade

Tundra True Component Speaker System:

Don’ settle for OEM-style drop-in or low-end coaxial speakers in your Tundra. Enjoy your drive time with our True Component Speaker System designed for your Tundra.

All your OEM speakers are strategically placed from the factory to provide you with a wider soundstage and more immersive audio. However, they lack power. Your factory speakers can only handle about 20 watts. When amplified this package will now be sending 100 watts to your speakers, the maximum amount of power that we recommend sending while still using your factory wiring.

  • 2 upgraded front door speakers

The mid-bass drivers boast a large motor structure and powerful magnet to ensure astonishing clarity at even low or high listening levels.

  • 2 upgraded rear door Speakers and tweeters

The 2022+ Toyota Tundra rear doors are wired in parallel. Thus requiring only, a single door harness to obtain the speaker and tweeter signal. When speakers are wired in parallel, they essentially act like individual highways for the electrical signal from the amplifier. This allows more current to flow to each speaker, resulting in optimized overall sound.

  • 2 upgraded A-Pillar tweeters

The TT65CS 1” silk dome / neodymium tweeters reproduce the high frequencies effortlessly, emanating crystal clear balanced musical reproduction at all listening levels.

  • 3 upgraded dash speakers (3 more upgraded speakers than the NON-JBL systems)

Upgraded coaxial dash speakers handle more power than your factory ones and provide a wider soundstage to optimize your listening experience.

All parts necessary for installation (Plug and play wiring harnesses, crossovers, speaker mounts and crossover mounts.):

The crossover network system is built using premium quality components that direct the proper frequencies to your tweeters and mid bass drivers (speakers). The crossover network system also provides 3 user-definable output levels of tweeter output to match your personal taste.

TacoTunes heavy duty speaker mounts provide a strong, stable mounting point for your new speakers. Designed to mount to your factory speaker location these speaker mounts prevent you from having to drill into your doors while also minimizing any speaker rattling.

Tacotunes plug and play speaker harnesses prevent you from cutting or splicing any of your factory wires. Allowing you to completely return your truck back to its original state if desired.

Tundra Component Subwoofer System:

The System 1B subwoofer system for your Toyota tundra includes a wooden enclosure that is designed specifically to fit behind the seat in your 2022+ Toyota Tundra CrewMax. This subwoofer enclosure is ported and includes two 10” full size subwoofers.

Many new car audio folks are not aware that a subwoofer system is essential to an audio system. Each driver in your audio system serves a purpose to accurately reproduce the music as it was intended by the artist. The ultimate goal in creating an audio system is to reproduce the audio frequency range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

A properly designed subwoofer system will not “over power” your front sound stage, it will work in unison with the entire audio system. Our design team does not just engineer subwoofer systems in general, they are designed specially for your Tundra. The size of your cab, the space available behind the seat(s), interior vehicle obstructions are all taken into consideration when designing your subwoofer enclosure.

Your front and rear door component speakers will be powered by our TXD3204v3 four channel amplifier. This amplifier provides 100 watts RMS (200 Peak) to each of your (4) component speakers. Your subwoofer systems will be powered by our TXD10001 (1000 watt) subwoofer amplifier.

Installation Instructions:

Folks that are new to the car audio often say that our systems are “to expensive”. But in most cases, these folks are comparing apples to oranges. Be sure to check out the detailed installation equipment required for a COMPLETE component audio system DESIGNED FOR YOUR TUNDRA! Many NEW customers are not aware of items required for a professional installation. Don’t get caught in the “additional installation parts” trap.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 22 × 25 in

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