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Submit a ticket below:

The form below will require some basic information about your make, model and year Toyota. With this information, a support rep with experience on YOUR vehicle will be assigned to YOUR ticket/case.  The more information you can provide, the quicker we can help you!

Existing Customers:

If you are an existing customer with an order, product question or some type of support issue, please be sure to provide as much information as possible in the form below. The more information you can reply, the quicker we can route your request and get you taken care of! 🙂

If your challenge is EXTREMELY urgent – for example you are in middle of installation and you vehicle is in pieces, please place EXTREMELY URGENT in the subject field – this will text our support team.

TEXT 210-472-0000

NOTE: If you purchased products from ebay or used, be sure to provide as much information as possible. If product is out of warranty, we offer other support options and will handle on individual case basis.

New Customers / Product Questions:

If you have product questions, please complete the form below so we can properly route your request. The more information you can provide the better!  If you are trying to utilize existing equipment with our products, you MUST provide the brand & model number of all the gear you are planning to use in the installation. .

NOTE:  You do NOT have to login to create or update your ticket. Simply reply to the email trail.

If you have submitted a ticket and you need immediate help, please call 210-472-0000. If you get the voicemail system, please be sure to leave your ticket number along with your voicemail. Voicemails without ticket numbers will NOT be called back.