Toyota Tundra Amp Speaker & Installation Kit

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Toyota Tundra Amp Speaker & Installation Kit

Toyota Tundra Amp Speaker & Installation Kit

Most amplifier kits consist of a power & ground wire, small amount of speaker wire and usually one set of RCA cables. Along with a bunch of “extras” that you will never need or use. Our kits consist the power cable, signal and installation products you need to get it done right – the first time. Below is a detailed list of the items we include in our installation kits. These are the same kits we use along with the 5 Channel Exile Amp. This amp supports 100 watts x 4 to each speaker & 800 watts x 1 to subwoofer(s).

We use a combination of Stinger Wire & Cable along with T-Spec brass. In addition, you will see other installation parts that are hard to locate. For example, the nylon spacers we use to lift the amp above the heater vents or the proper size ring terminals for your Toyota Tundra. This kit will save you a lot of drive time and frustration.  I remember the days of trying to get an install done and needing this or that part and wasting hours of time driving around . . . this kit will help you get it done right and fast!

Stereo & Wiring Installation kit:

Stinger Power, Speaker and Signal Cables:
Stinger 3′ POWER CABLE 4GA – Ring Terminal Attached
Stinger 13′ POWER CABLE 4GA

Stinger 4′ POWER CABLE 4GA – Ring Terminal Attached

Color Coded Speaker Wire:

Stinger 50′ 16GA Black Speaker Wire (Driver Side Speakers)
Stinger 50′ 16GA Silver Speaker Wire (Passenger Side Speakers)
Stinger 25′ 18GA Black Speaker wire (Driver Side Tweeters)
Stinger 25′ 18GA Silver Speaker Wire (Passenger Side Tweeters)
Stinger 25′ 12Ga Black Subwoofer Wire

NOTE: If you are installing tweeters in front & rear doors, you will need an additional 25 feet of tweeter wiring.

RCA Signal Cables:

1 RCA CABLE 12 Ft Twisted Pair – 6 Channel (Front / Rear / Sub)

Misc Items:
35′ Primary Blue Remote Turn on wire
6′ 3/4 Split Loom
T-Spec  ANL Fuse Holder
T-Spec 100 Amp ANL Fuse
10 Crimp Caps
8 Speaker Terminals .25 (Door speakers)
4 Speaker Terminals .187 (tweeters)
4 Speaker Terminal .25 (subwoofer)
15 Small Zip Ties
15 Large Zip Ties

Under Seat – Amp Mounting Gear:

4 Nylons Spacers
4 Mounting Bolts
4 Mounting washers
4 Sealing Caulk




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