tacotunes TXD Amplifier Installation Kit – Oxygen Free Copper



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tacotunes TXD Amplifier Installation Kit – Oxygen Free Copper

Copper is the “standard” by which all other conductive metals are tested against . . . It provides the best and safest transport of power from your car battery to your amplifier(s).

Bare copper is fairly resistant to corrosion, but when it is exposed to moisture and natural elements it will oxidize. Bare copper in bench tests will perform slightly better than tinned copper. However, oxidation will quickly affect bare copper’s overall performance.

By coating bare copper with a metal alloy you will strengthen the copper’s natural properties, which gives it a longer life. Tinned copper is better equipped to resist humidity, high temperatures and wet environments – like under the hood of your Toyota.

Tinned copper amplifier wiring costs more to produce but the longer life quickly outweighs the cost.

We do not recommend the use of CCA wiring with our TXD amplifiers. CCA is copper clad aluminum and in best case scenario is 40% LESS conductive than OFC of equal thickness (gauge).

Kit includes:

1 – tacotunes.com MANL Fuse Holder
1 – tacotunes.com 4 gauge to 8 gauge distribution block
1 – 2.5ft 4 gauge tacotunes.com OFC – battery connection with terminal ring attached (red)
1 – 13ft  4 gauge tacotunes.com OFC – amplifier power wire (red)
2 – 10in 8 gauge tacotunes.com OFC – amp power wire (red)
2 – 24in 8 gauge tacotunes.com OFC – amplifier ground wire with ring terminals attached (black)
1 – 100 AMP (BLUE) MANL Fuse (battery)
1 – 60 AMP (YELLOW) MANL Fuse (TXD10001 Amp)
1 – 40 AMP (ORANGE) MANL Fuse (TXD6001 Amp)
1 – 30 AMP (RED) MANL Fuse (TXD3204v2 Amp)
1 – 10mm grounding bolt
1 – 5/16″ self tapping grounding bolt
20 – cable ties
1 – 6ft 1/2″ split loom
1 – 3ft 1/4″ split loom
2 – #8 x 5/8 Black Screw

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18.75 × 11.75 × 2.75 in

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