TXD3204 & TXD6001 Dual Amplifier Power Installation Kit


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TXD3204 & TXD6001 Dual Amplifier Power Installation Kit

This kit is designed to work with our TXD3204 Four Channel Stereo Amplifier and our TXD6001 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier. If you are planning to install both amps, you will want to start off with this kit. This kit includes the following:

1 – 2.5 foot 4 gauge power cable with terminal ring (connects to battery)

1 – 12.5 foot 4 gauge power cable (runs into vehicle)

1 – T-Spec Mini ANL Fuse Holder

2 – Modified Truss Screws (to mount fuse block)

1 – 80 AMP Mini ANL Fuse

1- Mini ANL Fused Power Distribution Block

1 – 40 AMP Mini ANL Fuse

1 – 30 Amp Mini ANL Fuse

2 – 8″ 8 gauge Power Wire

2 – 24″ 8 gauge ground wire with terminal rings

1 – 10mm grounding bolt – many cars have available mounting locations.

1- 5/16″ self drilling / tapping grounding screw. If your vehicle does not have a stock mounting location.

Power Wire Information:

Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) provides the best conductivity between your battery and amplifier(s). Cooper Clad Aluminum (CCA) is a great alternative to OFC when used properly. OFC & CCA specs can vary greatly. The products we use have been bench and field tested to ensure you are getting the maximum power delivered to your amplifiers.

The OFC and CCA products we use in house have a 65% ratio. To help explain this when we use 4G OFC, we can we can provide up to 125 amps (125 x 12 = 1,500 watts)  of power to your amps with minimal loss in power.The CCA we use has roughly 65% efficiency of OFC. This means the 4G CCA can provide approximately 82 (82 x 12 = 984 watts)  amps of power to your amplifiers.

Please note we are using 95% efficiency of our Class D amps in the calculation above.. These numbers will change if are using older style class AB & D amps.

There are a number of factors that are not addressed in our calculation above. If you are going to use your own install kit, be sure to do your homework. The calculation above is taking into account a maximum of 15 feet from the battery to the distribution block. IN addition, the power cables from the distribution block are less than 1 foot while the ground cables are less than 2 feet.


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