Speaker line out to RCA adapter line out converter



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Speaker line out to RCA adapter line out converter

Some amplifiers will accept a high level signal via RCA and do not require the use of a Line Out Converter. We have used these successfully on a number of subwoofer and 4 channel amplifiers. Quite a few of our customers use this with our add a subwoofer harness system. Simply plug in the correct color wires into the RCA line converter and then plug into your amplifier.

NOTE: For subwoofer output, we suggest using the Green / Purple wires.

Package includes

1 – RCA Adapter

Please note this does not work  ALL amps. Some amps require the use of a true line out converter.

Green Left Rear Speaker (+)
Green with Black Stripe Left Rear Speaker (-)
White Left Front Speaker (+)
White with Black Stripe Left Front Speaker (-)
Purple Right Rear Speaker (+)
Purple with Black Stripe Right Rear Speaker (-)
Gray Right Front Speaker (+)
Gray with Black Stripe Right Front Speaker (-)

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