Toyota Camry 6.5″ Front & 6″x9″ Rear Speaker Installation Kit 2002-2011


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2002- 2011 Toyota Camry 6.5″ Front Speaker Mounts & 6×9 Rear Deck Speaker Installation Kit

If you are planning to install 6.5 / 6.75 inch  speakers in the front doors & 6×9 inch speakers in the rear deck/dash of your Toyota Camry,  these mounts will make it quick and easy. These are the best mounts you can buy for your Toyota Camry. These mounts are CNC milled from a solid piece of plastic for an ultra heavy duty product that will not vibrate at high volume. They are built to last just like your Toyota Camry

Toyota Tacoma 6.5″/ 6.75″ Heavy Duty Speaker Adapter Installation Kit
If you are on a tight budget we offer some lesser priced speaker mounts.
This kit will fit the front doors & rear deck of your 2002-2011 Toyota Camry
This kit offers discounted pricing on the following items:
2– Front 6.5″ / 6.75″ speaker mounts (Driver & Passenger Side) – this is a pair of front door speaker mounts.
2 – Rear 6×9″″ speaker mounts (Driver & Passenger Side) – this is a pair of rear door speaker mounts

Speaker Wire Harness Kit:

If you are planning to power your speakers with the stock wiring (using the stereo to power the speakers), you will probably want to purchase the speaker wire harness adapter kit. This kit will allow you to plug into the the factory wiring without any cutting of splicing. This will make it much easier to return your Toyota Camry back to factory if you ever trade in or sell. If you are planning to install an amplifier, you will be running heavier gauge speaker wire to your speakers so you will NOT need wire harnesses.

Included in this Speaker Wire Harness Adapter

2 – Speaker Harness Adapters (assembled)

2 – 30″ Red 16-gauge speaker wires

2 – 30″ Black 16-gauge speaker wires

 Various Size connectors that will fit most aftermarket speakers

2 – .110 inch / 2.794mm Female Speaker Connectors

2 – .187 inch / 4.749mm Female Speaker Connectors

2 – .250 inch / 6.35mm Female Speaker Connectors

Longer Bolt Kit:

The heavy duty mounts are thicker than the factory speakers. You will need longer bolts to attach the mounts to your Toyota Camry. These 10mm metric bolts / screws are not available in local hardware stores. Some customers have purchased larger screws at their local hardware store and were able to make them work. You might be able to save a few dollars if you can find a similar size that is not metric. We also include screws to mount your new aftermarket speakers to the speaker adapters. If you are not going to purchase the bolt kit, but sure you are not using screws that are to big.
Included in this kit:
8 – 10mm screws
8 – #6 x 3/4″ Pan Head Screws
What speakers will fit?
This kit will work with 99% of all 6.5/6.75″  inch speakers in your front doors & most 6×9″ speakers for the rear deck. The front door speaker mounts are 1” thick and support a top mount depth of 3.25 inches. Please be sure to review the videos to make sure you are ordering the correct size.
Thank you for taking the time to check out our products for your Toyota Tacoma. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do business with you!
1 year if purchased without bolt / screw kit.
3 years if you purchase the bolt / screw kit.