Speaker midbass enhancement Baffles 6.5 6.75 inch



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Speaker midbass enhancement Baffles 6.5 6.75 inch

Get the more from your 6.5 / 6.75 mid bass drivers. This speaker baffle kit was designed to enhance the midbass coming your speakers. This kit serves two purposes. The first is to seal the speaker against the door panel. This helps to reduce “cancellation”. Cancellation is when the sound waves from the front of the speaker come into contact with the rear sound waves. In addition, a sound absorbing egg crate pad (similar to a sound studio) will absorb and reduce sound waves coming for the rear of the speakers. The end result being more / better midbass.

This product listing includes:

2 – Heavy Rubber baffles to seal your speaker – also helps to keep moisture off your speakers

2 -Self adhesive “egg crate” sound absorbing


These baffles REQUIRE a 5.7 cutout diameter to sit flush.

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