Ballistic Sound Deadner Matting Bulk Pack 36 Sq Feet Black



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Ballistic Sound Deadner Matting Bulk Pack 36 Sq Feet Black

This is the same product we have been using for over 5 years. In recent years, the color changed to black with silver letters.

What is included in this listing:

  1. 36 Square Feet Bulk Pack Sound Deadening / Matting
  2. 1 -large matting roller
  3. 1 – snap blade razor

If you follow us on Facebook you have seen the hundreds of Toyota installations we have performed using this matting. When properly applied matting provides 3 huge benefits in provide much better overall sound quality.

  1.  Speaker front / rear wave cancellation. As you have seen in the vast majority of concerts, movie theaters and home audio systems. Speakers are “encased” in box. This is done for a number of reason. The primary reason to avoid the front sound waves to come in contact with the rear sound waves emitted. If the rear and front sound waves are not seperated you will get cancellation. By properly matting the door, you will increase mid bass coming from your door speakers.
  2. Rattling / vibration. The sheet metal in all new car doors is made of thinner steel. Although this steel is hardened for additional strength, you will notice rattling when you install speakers with significant  power applied to your new speakers / subwoofers.
  3. Ambient noise reduction. If you have ever driven in a high-end vehicle you will quickly notice how “quiet” the ride is. If you open up door panels and look under the carpet you will see much more sound dampening material is used in higher end vehicles. By reducing the ambient road noise you will notice an increase in volume and sound quality.


  1. Do I need to matt / sound deaden my vehicle. NO. But we highly recommend matting when you are taking the time to install a nice audio system.
  2. How much matting do I need. This bulk pack is large enough to cover just about every Toyota we have listed here on our site. The Toyota Tundra Crewmax will use every sheet in this bulk pack. The Tacoma will have a couple sheets extra – in the Tacoma we matt some of the flooring in our own vehicles with the left over material. Camry, Corolla etc, we recommend d matting the trunk. We have some matting videos for quite a few cars to help you get it installed properly

Product Info:

BULK KIT 9 Pieces 18″ x 32″ (457mm x 812mm) Material

New Jet Black Finish with Silver Logo 2.2mm Thickness 0.72 mass per ft2

Made of proprietary butyl rubber composite with an aluminum constraining layer for vibration damping. Designed and engineered in the United States, Ballistic is extremely efficient at converting vibration to thermal energy. This unique formula allows the material to easily conform and adhere to sheet metal and most other hard surfaces.


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Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 5 in
Bulk Pack

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