Support Customer Support is DIY site. We provide thousands of installation pictures and installation videos to help you get your products installed. In addition, we provide many installation parts (sound processor/amps(s), harnesses, adapters, etc.) not available anywhere else.  In an effort to keep our prices low, we provide FREE technical support via email (ticketing system support) and text support to the ORIGINAL purchaser of our products.

NOTE: We will not assist with computer issues (burning CDs, etc) or products that were not purchased from our website.

The majority of our customers are looking for a low cost solution to upgrade their audio system. In the past this has worked very well with our simple products. As we continue to add new and innovative products, we have decided to offer paid support services. Free support is still available via ticket system and txt for all products.

Support Hours (Central Time):

MON-FRI 8:00AM – 8:00PM

SAT-SUN 10:00AM – 5:00PM

PHONE: 210-472-0000

TXT Support: 210-472-0000

NOTE: Support on national holidays will be delayed.

Our support staff is eager to help . . there is a good chance we will reply to text and email (ticket) support requests after support hours

Free Tech Support Process:

Complete a support ticket here:

The more information you provide the quicker we can route your request to the correct support person.

The ticketing system will send a reply via email so you can simply reply to the email you receive from the support system.

Paid Tech Support Process:

If you paid for phone support, please call 210-472-000 option 2. We HIGHLY suggest you open a support ticket as well –  This will ensure we are notified of the support request. More than likely you will receive our voicemail system. Please be sure to include your invoice number along with a detailed description of the issue. The support system will alert our on support team / member. Based on the product you have we will assign it to the best tech for your product(s).

NOTE: All of our SQ1 packaged audio systems include phone support at no additional fee. SQ1 package purchasers are also eligible for extended after hours support via text and ticketing system.