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Thank you for visiting our order support page.

Please submit a ticket if you have an issue with your order. In an effort to better support our valued customers, we do not want to rely on email as our support method. You will be emailed when the ticket is updated.


This ticketing system will make it much easier to track and fix your order.

5 thoughts on “Order Support

  1. Order #27493
    I have been waiting on this order for a while and you sent me an email saying that it was complete with a tracking number but when you click the link to track it comes up as a pre-shipment. It has been thus way since the 12th. Please give me an update on this order. I am really close to asking for a refund. The first inquiry that I sent you responded that you were waiting on another shipment of speakers (it would have been nice for you to tell me that without an inquiry).

  2. Order # – 31817
    What is the estimated time of shipment?

    1. Order # – 31817
      What is the estimated time of shipment?

  3. Trying to get an update on my order thank you

  4. I lost my bass knob and was wondering where I can purchase a replacement one. There for any help

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