2007-2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Ported Subwoofer Box WITH Image Dynamics Subwoofers

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2007-2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Ported Subwoofer Box WITH Image Dynamics Subwoofers

This subwoofer enclosure was designed to work with 2014+ Toyota Tundra. 2007-2013 Tundra Owners will need to remove rear wall plastic and will need to remove jack holder permanently .

This Toyota Tundra CrewMax Ported Subwoofer Box is custom designed to hide behind the seats in your 2014+ Toyota Tundra CrewMax. The subwoofer box is designed and tuned to work TWO Image Dynamics FULL SIZE 10″ subwoofers – that’s right 800 watts of pure ID SQ & SPL.  When properly tuned a subwoofer box will  bring your music listening to a whole new level.  Sure this box gets loud and has a lot of thump, but our primary goal was to obtain great sound quality. You get the best of both worlds.

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The box is made here in the United States with high quality MDF. Don’t settle for cheap particle board boxes that you find on online auctions and many other discount sites. You will not get the sound quality you are after.  After each box is hand built box we coat the subwoofer box with a high quality polyy urea bed liner spray. Keep in mind the 2014+ Toyota Tundra CrewMax has very little room behind the seat. You will need to remove your seat for installation. However after the installation you can put the seats back in place. You will want to matt the rear wall before you install the sub, this will keep the rear wall from rattling. We suggest Ballistic Matting. Please note that most other manufacturers limit the size of their enclosures to 48″ to save on material cost. Our boxes span the entire available length in your Tundra. Airspace is a like your 5.7″ liter engine in your Tundra. No replacement for displacement. The more airspace you provide your subwoofer the more bass it can accurately reproduce. Our subwoofer enclosure is just a hair under 2.0 cu ft. We were able to stuff 10lbs of sausage in 5 lb bag! 🙂

To date this is our baddest setup for your 2014+ Toyota Tundra. Why? Well first off, we are not using shallow mounts subs with very limited xmax. 2nd, we are using a full size 10″ subwoofer. In addition, to 10″ subwoofers, the ID10V4s are VERY difficult to match.  The mounting depth in your Toyota Tundra is limited, but these subs still provide a resonant frequency of 23Hz, the Xmax (how far the sub moves outward) is 17mm and they can handle over 4oo watts RMS. You will be hard pressed to find another subwoofer that will come close just in terms of physical size / performance in the limited space behind the seats of your Tundra. The SD (cone area) is also larger than most subs in its class. The cone area (part of the sub that moves) is 350 square CM. Coupled with the QTS, low FS and Xmax you will not find another sub that comes close!  The vast majority of subs in this class / size have an xmax of maybe 11MM with much smaller cone area. Simple physics tell you that this sub will produce more bass just because of the physical parameters. Add the long reputation that Image Dynamics has for SQ (sound quality) and you will not find another sub that will fit in the tight area behind your seats AND produce this much quality sound.


Are these shallow mounts subwoofers?

Question: Are these shallow mount subwoofers?

Answer: These are FULL size subwoofers. Not just full size subwoofers, but subwoofers made to work in a tight environment. You will be hard pressed to find a subwoofer that can match the sound quality and output of these subwoofers. Shallow mounts subs generally lack low end bass. There are a few really nice shallow mounts subs that come close, but you will pay over 2x the price for less sound quality and volume.

Why did you guys choose Image Dynamics Subwoofers?

Question: Why did you choose Image Dynamics Subwoofers?

Answer: If you look at our history we chose Image Dynamics over 10 years ago. We carry other brands as well, but our number one selling product is ID gear. ID is very well known in the higher end audio world. Many people that shop at local chain stores have not heard of ID. But if you just google Image Dynamics you will see they have a long history of high end audio gear.

Can I use my own subwoofers in this subwoofer enclosure?

Question: Can I use my own subwoofers in this subwoofer enclosure?

Answer: We sometimes offer our boxes without subwoofers. However, when selecting a ported subwoofer box in this category, subwoofer selection can be a very difficult task. The Tundra CrewMax poses a lot of challenges. First the subwoofer you choose must be below 5.2″ top mount depth. Then you will need to ensure your subwoofer is setup to work in a ported enclosure. Improperly matching a subwoofer to an enclosure generally leads to less than desired frequency response results. There are many factors to consider. Each subwoofer manufacturer provides their parameters (Thiele & Small) that define if they available to use in a ported environment.  In addition, some subs sit higher above the subwoofer box than others. This can be a problem because the subwoofers are already pushing the maximum space. Your subwoofer might meet the height requirements and the air space requirements, but the subwoofer maybe sitting much higher and will come in contact with the back seat of your Tundra CrewMax.

We understand that a lot of customers have their own subwoofers, however we are very limited on space. In addition, the Image Dynamics subwoofers we are using here will be very difficult to match. The ID10s have an xmax of 17MM – most subs in its class are 11mm. (Xmax is the excursion or how far the sub will travel outward). the FS is 23Hz, most in it’s class are around 34hz (FS is the resonant frequency at which the sub plays naturally). This means the subs will play lower and deeper bass naturally. We have replaced a number of competitor boxes. You will be hard pressed to find a subwoofer enclosure that will compete with this setup.

Keep in mind a lot of subwoofers will sound great a high volume. However at moderate listening volume the lower end of the subwoofer frequency starts to fade quickly. Our 10″ subwoofer box sounds amazing at any listening level. So be sure to consider the important factor! Make sure you can can still have your low end bass,  while still having a conversation with the honey. When the time comes to roll down the windows and crank it up. The ported enclosure will provide more bass than necessary to keep with a nice set of components.

We will be happy to check if your subwoofers will work in this enclosure. However, there is no guarantee they will work. There are many factors.

If you would like us to check, please create a ticket:

Customer Service

We will reply as soon as we can!

Are you authorized Image Dynamics Dealer?

Question: Are you authorized Image Dynamics Dealer?

Answer: Yes, we are authorized dealers. We have been authorized dealers with Image Dynamics for over 10 years. We are authorized to sell ALL the products we offer.



Box Dimensions:

53″ x 21″ x 7.5″

Weight: 55lbs

Shipping Dimensions:

56″ x 24″ x 10″

NOTE: You will need .5 lbs of polyfill or two 27×27″ sheets for the box and subs to operate properly. WE do not recommend using “loose” polyfil.  Smaller pieces can get sucked into voice coils and destroy them.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Olrn8vcOTc4]






Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Image Dynamics Subwoofer ID10D2V4


Image Dynamics Subwoofer ID10D4V4 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

Additional information

Weight 79 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 9 × 23 in

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