2014-2021 Toyota Tundra Add A Subwoofer Plug and Play Harness NON-JBL equipped

This harness connects to the stock amp UNDER THE PASSENGER SEAT.

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Toyota Tundra Add A Subwoofer Plug and Play Harness – 2014-2021 NON JBL equipped

This plug and play wiring kit makes installing an aftermarket subwoofer amplifier quick and easy. The PNP harness connects directly to the stock amplifier located under the passenger seat of your SR5, TSS, TRD Pro, TRD Sport, TRD Offroad, Rock Warrior, and MOST Limited model Tundras. If you have the “work version” 2014-2020 Tundra that does NOT have an amp located under passenger seat, contact us for the correct harness.

DOES NOT WORK WITH 1794 OR PLATINUM or JBL equipped Limited Tundras. Some Newer TRD Pros are JBL equipped. It does NOT work with any JBL equipped Tundras.


With this kit there is no need to remove the stock stereo. And you get 12 feet of wire lead to reach your subwoofer amp.

This plug and play harness makes adding a subwoofer to your stock system fast and easy. No need to cut or splice your factory speaker wiring. Simply plug into your stock amp and run the 12 foot leads to your new amp. Be sure to check out our plug and play amps for your Toyota Tundra CrewMax. They quickly take your stock system from 18 watts to 100 watts RMS to each speaker. In addition, our subwoofer amplifier will power your subs between 600 & 1000 watts RMS.

The add a sub kit also includes a remote turn on wire and constant 12V.

NOTE: Our plug and play amplifiers do not require a remote “turn-on” wire.


  1. Disconnect your car battery (negative)
  2. Unbolt passenger side seat 4 Bolts – lean seat back.
  3. Remove the cover from Stock Amp
  4. Unplug the 10 & 12 Pin harness. Insert our PNP harness.
  5. Route your cables under carpet to door sill, then route to your amp location.

Install Tips:

Many newer style amps do not require a remote turn or an LOC. If your amp supports high level input, you will simply plug the purple wires into your amplifiers input. Some amps require an RCA adapter. We have those available here on our site.

Color Codes:

Purple – Right Rear Speaker (+)
Purple with Black Stripe Right – Rear Speaker (-)
Blue – Accessory / remote turn on
Yellow-12V constant

NOTES: The 12V power constant & remote turn on wire are used for an LOC / sound processor or other LOW draw power device. It can not be used to power an amplifier.

Subwoofer amps produce a mono signal. Only ONE input (left or right) source is required.

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