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Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers – Toyota 4Runner

Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers Toyota 4Runner
Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers Toyota 4Runner

Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers

Toyota 4Runner Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers

To install Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers into your Toyota 4Runner, you will want to use speaker adapters designed to work in your 4Runner. The Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers require a 5.7″ cutout diameter for the mid range speakers. The Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers tweeters will require a 1.77″ cutout diameter.

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The Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers will fit you your Toyota 4Runner without any cutting, drilling or modifications to your 4Runner.


Mid range Driver: 5.7″ cutout diameter

Tweeter: 1.875″ cutout diameter

Top Mount Depth: 2.5 ″

Pioneer TS-D1720C Component Speakers Toyota 4Runner


Size 6-3/4″, 1-1/8″ (tweeter)
Max. Music Power (Nominal) 260 W (60 W)
Cone Material Dual Layer IMX Aramid-Basalt
Frequency Response 30 Hz to 33 kHz
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 88 dB
Impedance 4 Ω
Crossover Frequency ≥ 2,800 Hz (with -12 dB)
Mounting Depth 2-1/2″, 1/2″ (tweeter)
Cut-Out Dimensions 5-5/8″


PIONEERING AN IDEAL Absolute fidelity to musical sources takes form from speakers that reproduce the ambience in which sounds originate. Stage size, musicians’ movement, aural reflection and other distinctive details all bring these sounds to life. Pioneer D-Series speakers are available in 2-way component packages or 2-way coaxial designs in multiple sizes that fit most vehicles.


WHAT IS “OPEN & SMOOTH?” The “Open & Smooth” sound concept of our industry-leading speakers delivers both sonic excellence and performance. The open-staging and smooth transition of driver response makes for an immersive experience that is truly the ultimate in-car sound.

  • Open: Open staging and sound characteristics enhance the widening effect that extends way beyond the space between speakers.
  • Smooth: With smooth transitions between mid-bass and tweeter, sound from these speakers is not marred by crossover frequency dips.


DUAL-LAYER IMX ARAMID/BASALT FIBER COMPOSITE CONE To create new D-Series speakers, Pioneer developed the industry’s first basalt fiber made from natural rock interwoven with aramid fiber. Used in the surface layer, this dual-layer IMX (injection molded matrix) aramid/basalt fiber composite material is highly rigid and better absorbent, enhancing stability and maintaining integrity throughout a wide temperature range.


REAR CHAMBER TWEETER ENCLOSURE D-Series speakers feature an exclusive rear chamber tweeter enclosure that we first used in our famed PRS speakers. It extends mid-range frequency for improved vocal imaging and staging.


HIGH-QUALITY CROSSOVER The built-in -12dB/Octave HPF and LPF crossover improves the transition from mid to high frequency, for a smoother mid-range to tweeter response. Audiophile-grade capacitors and inductors are used, and all components are encased in a clear acrylic cover for protection.



  • Smooth Off-Axis Response
    • Optimal Choice of Tweeter Diaphragm Shapes
    • Wave Guides control sound dispersion to make sound stage wider in the car.
  • Lower Crossover Frequency
    • Large-Sized Tweeter Diaphragm (1-1/8″ diameter)
    • Rear Chamber
    • Light Weight Soft-Dome Diaphragm
    • High-Quality Passive Crossover Network (Woofer, LPF: -6 dB; Tweeter, HPF: -12 dB)
  • Low Distortion
    • Thick Woofer Basket
    • Large-Sized Woofer Magnet
    • Dual-Layer IMX (Injection Molded Matrix