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Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speakers – Toyota Camry

Kicker KS Component Speakers Toyota Camry
Kicker KS Component Speakers Toyota Camry

Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speakers

Toyota Camry Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speakers

To install Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speakers into your Toyota Camry, you will want to use speaker adapters designed to work in your Camry. The Boston Acoustics Pro60 SE Component Speakers require a 5.7 cutout diameter for the mid range speakers. The Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speaker tweeters will require a 1 15/16″ cutout diameter.

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The Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speaker will fit you your Toyota Camry without any cutting, drilling or modifications to your Camry.


Mid range Driver: 5.7″ cutout diameter

Tweeter: 1 – 15/16″ cutout diameter

Top Mount Depth: 2 -1/8″

Kicker KS Component Speakers Manual Toyota Camry

Components – Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speakers
Concert-like quality and audio realism are obvious features music lovers desire from their car speakers, but unfortunately, factory sound doesn’t offer those smooth, clear middle- and high-frequency ranges. KICKER® has the solution to fix the problem with its KS-Series Component Systems, offering a substantial upgrade from stock drivers for installation in precise, audiophile-favoring locations.

Three sizes of KS Systems offer supreme flexibility by providing multiple installation options, including the opportunity to have a conventional component-system setup or a quick, drop-in coaxial upgrade for the doors. Simply remove the bullet-phase plugs in the woofers’ centers and screw in the tweeters for a speedy solution to coaxial sound and near-live audio reproduction.

The models available are the KS65.2 with a 6-1/2-inch midrange, KS6.2 with a 6-inch mid and KS5.2 with a 5-1/4-inch mid that can be outfitted with an included adapter plate for specific 6 x 8 factory applications.

The high-performance, factory-speaker component replacements utilize massive motor structures that provide high efficiency and ultimate power handling, benefits not often found in factory sound. With exclusive Extended Voice Coil (EVC™) technology and tapered polymer cones held in place by tough Santoprene® surrounds, the KS-Series midrange speakers create frequency ranges for the most precise musical simulation.

The one-inch, calibrated-dome tweeters with phase alignment reveal every high-frequency detail of each song. The woofers and tweeters are brought together by a symmetrical external crossover/protection network that features a three-position, tweeter-attenuation switch adjustable for high-frequency precision. The metallic finish, bolt-thru grilles and spade wire terminals that allow for easy installation add the finishing touches to KICKER’s outstanding KS-Series Systems.

Clear, crisp sound from car speakers doesn’t have to be a dream anymore because KICKER is making it simple to have some of the loudest and most remarkable coaxials ever hidden behind the door of a vehicle.

KS-Series Coaxial Speakers and 3-Way System are KICKER’s primary drop-in replacements, definitely giving mediocre factory sound a serious upgrade.

“You won’t lose the subtleties and will keep dynamic, exciting sound,” KICKER founder and President Steve Irby said.

The exceptional KS-Series of speakers utilizes massive motor structures that provide ultimate power handling and high efficiency for louder, clearer sound. KICKER’s exclusive Extended Voice Coil (EVC™) technology allows for high excursion and superior bass response, while the tapered polymer cones with tough Santoprene® surrounds deliver smooth midrange frequencies for the most accurate musical reproduction.

The calibrated Kaladex-dome tweeters (half- or three-quarter-inch) with stout neodymium magnets and phase alignment reveal every detail, adding to the live-performance realism provided by the KS-Series of mobile speakers.

With 10 flexible woofer sizes, the KS-Series ensures a perfect fit in any car, starting from the capable 3 ½-inch coaxials to the beefy 6x9s boasting 1-inch tweeters. The 6×9-inch KS693 3-Way Speaker System mixes in additional 1-inch midrange drivers with three-quarter-inch tweeters.

Tweeters – Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speakers
KICKER promotes bass as an important addition to any audio system, but sometimes it simply isn’t enough to consider it “great-sounding.” A pair of high-performance KS-Series Tweeters sweetens the high end of the spectrum and completes the ultimate musical experience.

Three sizes of KICKER KS Tweeters utilize neodymium magnets and specially-developed voice coils to handle ample power and deliver outstanding definition. Known for their versatility, KS-Series Tweeters were designed to be mounted in one of three functional ways for optimal sound: flush, surface or angled. With flexible options, the notable tweeters deliver louder, cleaner sound that complements an existing system perfectly.

KS-Series Tweeters provide the high-range clarity that a system requires, adding live-performance realism in any vehicle. A dependable 12dB/octave, high-pass crossover works with the three-quarter-inch KS20 tweeters and half-inch KS13 tweeters, while an 18dB/octave crossover accompanies the louder, one-inch KS25 pair.

Certified Authorized KICKER Dealers nationwide expertly install KICKER gear into any vehicle for outstanding musical or video entertainment during a drive.

Kicker KS650 KS65.2 Component Speakers