2022+ JBL Tundra Complete audio system Plug & Play HARNESS PACKAGE- Factory Integration



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Taco Tunes’ plug-and-play JBL integration system grabs a clean, unmodified signal before your factory amp, feeding your new amplifiers a consistently flat audio signal.  

Upgrade to crystal-clear highs, well-defined mids, and powerful bass with Taco Tunes’ JBL integration system. It installs seamlessly, requiring zero modifications to your factory wiring.

Plug and Play – means you don’t have to cut or splice a single factory wire!  

This harness plugs directly into your factory amplifier and existing wiring, letting you add an amplifier(s) without modifying a single factory wire! A Completely reversible installation! 

-12-foot RCA cables 

– 18-gauge signal wire 

– Will work with just about any aftermarket amplifier that uses RCA connections 

This harness intercepts your tundra’s audio signal before the factory JBL amp alters it. Delivering a clean, unmodified signal to your new amplifiers, this harness allows a crisp, clean signal to be sent to your new amplifier(s) for you to adjust to your ideal listening experience. 

-15 Foot Pre-wired leads 

-16 gauge (thicker than 18G) speaker wire to handle the additional power – (Harness 1 Connects to your factory amp & new front door crossovers) 

-18 gauge signal wire (Harness system 2 connects to factory amplifier & new amplifier(s) ) 

-Input / output Molex connectors (for plug and play system) 

– Can be esily modified to work with just about any aftermarket amplifier. 

NOTE: This harness system was manufactured to work with tacotunes.com plug and play amplifiers. You can cut off the blue/black Molex plugs and connect them to several brand amplifiers. However, due to the large number of amp brands / models we cannot help with the installation process. 

To make the installation easier, we have listed the color/purpose of each wire in the harness system below. 

IMPORTANT: The factory wiring was not designed to handle a lot of power. We do not recommend more than 100 watts (RMS) on your stock wiring. Most amps are rated at 14.4 volts for their ratings. Toyota charging system is only 13.6. So you can easily use an amp rated at 100 watts RMS. 

The RCA Cables on this system connect to the input signal location on your new amplifier(s).

Each cable labeled for its designated use:

F – Front Speaker Signal

R – Rear Speaker Signal

S – Subwoofer Signal

This harness connects taco tunes TT65cs crossovers directly to our TXD line of amplifiers OR you can remove the black Molex plugs on the input jumpers and integrate just about any aftermarket amplifier and passive crossover set up.

Left/Driver’s A-pillar Tweeter: Red (+) Black (-) 

Right/Passenger’s A-pillar Tweeter: Orange (+) Yellow (-)

Left/Driver’s Front Speaker: White (+) White/Black (-)

Right/Passenger’s Front Speaker: Gray (+), Gray/Black (-)

Left/Driver’s Rear Speaker: Green (+), Green/Black (-)

Right/Passenger’s Rear Speaker: Purple (+), Purple/Black (-)