Toyota 4Runner Rear & Cargo Door Replacement Speakers – Plug and Play



Toyota 4Runner Rear & Cargo Door Speakers – Plug and Play

This set includes the following:

Rear Door 6.5″ tacotunes coaxial speakers

Cargo Door 6.5″ tacotunes coaxial speakers

Quick and Easy update for your Toyota 4Runner, these speakers will dramatically improve sound quality and compatible with many after market amplifiers.

These speakers are setup to work specifically in your Toyota 4Runner.  The Toyota 4Runner rear door & cargo door speakers are wired in SERIES, these speakers will present the proper impedance to your stock head unit AND can handle most aftermarket amps rated up to 100 watts RMS.

NOTE: Be sure to impedance match your replacement speakers. Your stock headunit (stereo) is designed to work with a 4 Ohm load. Most aftermarket speakers will provide a 2 ohm load. Lower impedance levels create additional load / heat on your stock head unit.