2014-2021 Toyota Tundra (Rear Door) Tacotunes TT65CS Component Speaker Installation Kit

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Toyota Tundra Rear Door Tacotunes TT65CS Component Speaker Installation Kit:

This is our number one selling speaker setup. It is an amazing “bang for buck”. The tacotunes TT65CS / CTX65CS Component Speakers are the affordable solution for the sound enthusiast seeking a high performance speaker system. Their high efficiency provides incredible detail and very high output levels while producing rich well-balanced sound with excellent tonal characteristics. More than the sum of the parts, the CTX65CS components feature a long excursion mid-woofer design that handles high-power amplifiers effortlessly with low distortion allowing higher output levels. The Silk dome CTX65CS tweeters deliver the dynamics and detail without listening fatigue or harshness.The CTX65CS components performance is the product of proper materials and a well executed engineering design. This translates to neodymium magnet silk dome tweeters with swivel mount, mica-polymer composite cones that are stiff, yet light and well-damped butyl rubber surrounds. Crossover with 250 volt metalized polypropylene capacitors air core inductors and 3 position tweeter level control.

NOTE: Image Dynamics re-branded the CTX65CS to ID65CS. There were some minor upgrades, but the same great product is being produced under a new name.

This kit includes discounted pricing on the following items needed to install the Image Dynamics CTX65CS speakers in the front doors of your Toyota Tundra:

2 – Tacotunes TT65CS / CTX65CS Mid Range Drivers

2 – Tacotunes  TT65CS / CTX65CS tweeters

2 – Image Dynamics Crossovers (MUST BE USED IN ALL INSTALLS)

2 – Rear Door 6.5″ speaker mounts (Driver & Passenger Side) – this is a pair of speaker mounts.

This Kit Includes The Following:

2 – Image Dynamics TT65CS / ID65CS Mid Range Drivers

2 – Image Dynamics TT65CS / ID65CS 47MM tweeters

2 – Image Dynamics Crossovers

2 – Budget Friendly Rear door speaker adapters

Heavy Duty Rear Door Adapters: (Optional)

These are the best mounts you can buy for your Toyota Tundra. These mounts are CNC milled from a solid piece of plastic for an ultra heavy duty product that will not vibrate at high volume. They are built to last just like your Toyota Tundra.

Longer Bolt Kit: (Optional) 

The heavy duty mounts are thicker than the factory speakers. You will need longer bolts to attach the mounts to your Toyota Tundra. These 10mm metric bolts / screws are not available in local hardware stores. Some customers have purchased larger screws at their local hardware store and were able to make them work. You might be able to save a few dollars if you can find a similar size that is not metric. We also include screws to mount your new aftermarket speakers to the speaker adapters. If you are not going to purchase the bolt kit, but sure you are not using screws that are too big.

Crossover Mounts: (Optional)

The crossover mounts hold your crossovers in place without any permanent modifications to your Tundra.

Speaker Wire Harness Kit: (Optional)

If you are planning to power your speakers with the stock wiring (using the stereo to power the speakers), you will want to add the speaker wire harness adapter kit to your order. This kit will allow you to plug into the the factory wiring without any cutting of splicing AND will make it much easier to return your Toyota Tundra back to factory if you ever trade in or sell. If you are planning to install an amplifier, you will be running heavier gauge speaker wire to your speakers so you will NOT need wire harnesses.

Speaker Specs:

Mid Range Drivers:

Frequency Responses: 55Hz – 25Khz

6.5″ Component Speakers

100 Watts RMS (each speaker / component set)

Sensitivity: 89db

Mounting Depth: 2.85″

Mounting Diameter: 5.6″


ID65CS tweeters

100 Watts RMS

Sensitivity: 89db

Mounting Depth: .875

“Mounting Diameter: 1.899

NOTE: The included crossover MUST be used in the installation. Failure to use the crossover will result in speaker damage that is not covered under warranty. We have powered these speaker in show vehicles with 140 watts for over 7 hours of continuous play time. These are amazingly loud and clear. Be sure your amp is providing CLEAN power.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year.


How to install component speakers in your Toyota Tundra crewmax double cab – YouTube

2014 2021 Toyota Tundra How to install tweeter in rear door – YouTube

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 7 in