2007-2013 Toyota Tundra aftermarket stereo installation kit


2007-2013 Toyota Tundra aftermarket stereo installation kit:

Do you want to install an Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Jensen, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, or other brand aftermarket head unit (stereo) in your Toyota Tundra, but you don’t want to lose the stock look of your truck? Not a problem! This bundle was assembled to make installation quick and easy. Simply pick and choose the options below to complete your installation. Over the years of installing and providing installation solutions to Toyota owners just like you, we put together this complete bundle to make it easy to go to one spot and get the parts and supplies you will need to get this job done right—the first time!

Dash Adapter Kit: (Included)

This is the actual face plate and brackets that look similar to your existing head unit in your Toyota Tundra. The colors MIGHT vary a bit, but if you look at your dash now in different lighting sources, you will see the color of the stock stereo does not exactly match the surrounding area. We have sold thousands of these kits with great feedback. This kit is setup to work with Single DIN or Double DIN aftermarket stereos.

Head units generally come in either single DIN (180 x 50 mm panel) or double DIN (180 x 100 mm panel) size. The depth is not standardized. The US standard for a DIN radio is 2″ x 7″ and the double DIN sized radio is a 4″ x 7″. Most manufacturers will provide the size (DIN) for our new head unit.

Stereo Wire Harness Adapter: (Optional)

Toyota offers two types of stereo systems in the Toyota Tundra. A standard non-amplified system is prevalent in around 95% of OUR customer base. The remaining 5% have the upgraded JBL amplified system. Although the JBL system is more powerful than the standard system, a number of our customers choose to upgrade their head unit. We offer two wiring interface kits. These kits will allow you to install a new aftermarket stereo without cutting or splicing into your stock wiring. Not only is installation simplified dramatically, but you can return your vehicle back to stock quickly and easily. If your Toyota Tundra is equipped with JBL, the stereo will have JBL stamped on the head unit (stereo). In addition, you will have a stock subwoofer (if you want to call it that).

Steering Wheel Interface Adapter/Wire Harness Adapter: (Optional)

Installation of an aftermarket head unit (stereo) will require an interface kit to retain your steering wheel control functionality. In most installations, this self-programming interface kit will recognize your new head unit and vehicle by following a few simple steps. In addition to the interface kit, you will want to get the Toyota Tundra steering wheel wire harness adapter. This will make installing this unit MUCH easier and quicker. The base interface kit includes a generic wiring kit that requires cutting and splicing into your factory wires. The option wiring kit will alleviate the need to cut factory wires.

NOTE: This kit will only work with existing steering wheel controls. This kit does NOT add steering wheel controls to a Toyota Tundra that is not setup with factory steering wheel control buttons.

RCA Cables: (Optional)

If you are adding aftermarket amp(s) to your vehicle, you will need RCA cables for the input signal. We recommend using at least 17Ft length cables, so you have plenty of room to work with. These are 2Ch RCA cables. 2 Ch / Subwoofer amps will require 1 set. 4 Ch amps will require 2 sets. 5 Ch and Dual Amp set ups will require 3 sets.

Toyota Tundra Gloss Black 2007+ dash stereo installation kit
Toyota Tundra Gloss Black 2007+ dash stereo installation kit
Toyota Tundra Charcoal 2007+ dash stereo installation kit
Toyota Tundra Charcoal 2007+ dash stereo installation kit
Toyota Tundra Flat Black 2007+ dash stereo installation kit
Toyota Tundra Flat Black 2007+ dash stereo installation kit

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