TXD8005 Plug & Play 5 channel Amplifier Full Range Class D



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TXD8005 Plug & Play 5 channel Amplifier Full Range Class D


One amp that will run your front & rear door speakers while also powering your subwoofer! This little amp is bad to the bone! It is the heart and soul of our new entry level packaged setups for your Toyota. Customers are blown away by the power and clarity from this little powerhouse!

The TXD8005 EZ-Amp is a new technology class D amplifier. These amps operate at nearly 95% efficiency. Unlike older style AB amps that operate at roughly 50% efficiency these amps draw less power and generate much less heat. These amps put much less strain on your charging system and are much smaller because they do not require heat sinks to be as large as older style amplifiers.


TXD8005 5 Channel Amp Specs

5 Channel Full Range Class D Stereo Amplifier

Channels:  5

Class: D

Range: Full

Dimensions: 11.2” x 3.9” x 1.4” / 280.3mm x 100mm x 36mm

Front & Rear Speaker Output (RMS)

75 watts x 4 (Front/Rear Door Speakers) (4 Ohm)

125 watts x 4 (Front / Rear Door Speakers) (2 Ohm) NOT recommended without sound processor.

Subwoofer Output

350 watts x 1 Subwoofer Output (2 Ohm)

200 watts x 1 Subwoofer Output (4 Ohm)

This amp is NOT 1 Ohm stable. Please see our other amps for 1 ohm stable subwoofer amplifier.

The following items are included with the TXD800.5

1 – TXD8005 5 Channel Amplifier

1 – TXD8005- Subwoofer Control Knob

1- Front / Rear Input / Output Connections

NOTE: This setup is designed to work with your stock stereo. However, it will work with aftermarket head units as well.

Optional Items:

1 – TXD Tundra direct replacement amp rack – bolts directly to stock mounting location. No cutting or drilling.

Plug and Play Harness

ReCurve Sound Processor

Be sure to check out our bundled items for discounts on this amp and accessories.

Peak Power:  1600 watts

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz

S/N Ratio:  >85 dB

Input Sensitivity: 0.25 V – 10.0 V

Crossover Slope: 12/18 dB

High-Pass Filter Freq: 25 Hz – 250 Hz

Low-Pass Filter Freq: 50 Hz – 250 Hz

Subwoofer Boost / EQ: 0- 18dB

Subwoofer EQ Frequency: 45 Hz

Amp Turn On: High level input & Remote Wire

tacotunes TXD8005 5 channel amplifier drawing measurements
tacotunes TXD8005 5 channel amplifier drawing & measurements

Click here for amp tuning instructions:

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 2.75 in