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Infinity Reference 6500cx Component Speakers

Infinity X REF6500cx Manual Toyota Tacoma
Infinity X REF6500cx Manual Toyota Tacoma

Infinity Reference 6500cx Component Speakers

Toyota Tacoma Infinity Reference 6500cx Component Speakers

Installation tips:

To install Infinity Reference 6500cx Component Speakers into your Toyota Tacoma, you will want to use speaker adapters designed to work in your Tacoma. The Infinity Reference 6500cx Component Speakers require a 5.1” cutout diameter for the mid range speakers. The Infinity Reference 6500cx Component Speakers tweeters will require a 1.5625″ cutout diameter.

The Infinity Reference 6500cx Component Speakers will fit you your Toyota Tacoma without any cutting, drilling or modifying your Tacoma.


Mid range Driver: 5.1″ cutout diameter

Tweeter: 1.5625″ cutout diameter

Top Mount Depth: 2 1/16″

Infinity X REF6500cx Manual Toyota Tacoma

These speakers have been test fit to work in the front doors Toyota Tacoma 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Want an easy upgrade to your weak factory speakers without busting your budget? The Infinity® Reference X Series is for you. It’s engineered to bring your factory audio system to life, or to add clarity and depth to an aftermarket system. With innovative, patented technologies, and the kind of premium quality and construction that you’d expect from the world’s top-selling premium car speaker brand, Infinity Reference X speakers will transform your listening experience.

The Reference X series includes multiple configurations to fit most vehicle speaker openings, so you don’t have to worry about major installation “surgery.” From 3/4-inch tweeters, to robust 6-by-9-inch woofers with coaxially mounted tweeters, to a three-way system that can handle up to 300 watts of power, there’s an Infinity® Reference X model that’s right for your vehicle. Engineered for best-in-class performance, and available at a very accessible price, Infinity Reference X speakers will deliver clean, crisp reproduction of your favorite music like you’ve never heard it before

Product details

Infinity® Reference X speakers at a glance:
• Multiple sizes to fit most vehicles • High-quality materials and construction • Plus One™ woofer cones • Edge-driven tweeters • True 4-ohm architecture • UniPivot™ tweeters • Adjustable tweeter levels • Vented motor assemblies • Easy installation and a custom-fit look
Multiple sizes to fit most vehicles. The Infinity® Reference X speaker series includes a wide variety of configurations to fit most vehicle speaker openings without cutting or modification. It’s the easiest way to maximize the sound performance of your factory system.
High-quality materials and construction. Advanced materials and construction include treated tweeter domes for less speaker fatigue, smoother response and better performance at the crossover frequency. Speaker motors are oversized for higher sensitivity. Robust construction and inherent weather resistance are evident in the polypropylene woofer cones and rubber surrounds. What’s more, each model is individually “voiced” for broad-spectrum tonal balance and clarity within the critical vocal frequencies – in other words, you’ll hear lyrics that you could never decipher before.
Plus One™ woofer cones. This innovative design (patent no. 7,548,631 B2) yields up to 30 percent more active cone-radiating surface area compared to conventional speakers. These “over-sized” woofers deliver strong, accurate lows, greater bass output and higher sound pressure levels (SPL).
Edge-driven tweeters. High-performance edge-driven soft-dome tweeters in the Infinity® Reference X speaker series provide greater clarity with reduced distortion. In addition, they have higher power-handling capabilities and better sound integration with the woofers (all models except 3002cfx).
True 4-ohm architecture. The Infinity® Reference X series’ low-impedance voice coils make the most of the power they receive from the amplifier, extracting the strongest sound pressure levels (SPL) and the clearest sound from factory systems.
UniPivot™ tweeters. Sometimes tweeters aren’t positioned in the best locations. This innovative feature lets you “aim” the tweeters for improved stereo imaging (models 6520ix, 5002ix, 9602ix and 8602cfx only).
Adjustable tweeter levels. You and your passengers aren’t always “on axis” with the tweeters. Adjustable +0 and +3dB settings let you custom-tune higher frequencies, optimizing the sound for different in-vehicle tweeter locations (all except 3002cfx and 6402cfx).
Vented motor assemblies. Another innovative Infinity® Reference X design feature, vented motor assemblies run cooler for greater durability and longevity. They also decrease mechanical noise by reducing the speed of the airflow in the motor. All of this leads to better bass response at very low frequencies.
Easy installation and a custom-fit look. The included mounting adapter ring (models 6502ix, 6402cfx and 6500cx) makes installation easy, allowing the same speaker to be used in different factory locations. Component systems include low-profile tweeters that can be flush-mounted, angle-mounted or surface-mounted, giving you greater flexibility during installation. And of course you’ll want to show off your upgrade, so the Infinity logo is silkscreened on the woofer cones of grille-less models, and there are Infinity badges included if you retain the factory speaker grilles.



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Full specs

Speaker Features/Specifications

Power Handling, RMS 90 W
Power Handling, Peak 270 W
Frequency Response 53Hz-21kHz
Nominal Impedance 3 Ohm
Sensitivity (2.83V @1m) 93 dB