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ReCurve EZQ User Manual installation and setup guide for JBL

ReCurve EZQ User Manual installation and setup guide (JBL)

Welcome to the ReCurve EZQ User Manual installation and setup guide for Toyota’s with the upgraded JBL audio system. If you are reviewed our installation guide(s)/vide0(s) for the NON JBL Toyota’s , you will see we have a plug and play system

Below we have a list of videos and the user manual to help you setup the ReCurve EZQ. We highly recommend that you watch the videos and read the entire manual before you begin the installation process. You might even want to setup a “dry run” on your living room floor to see how the entire audio system will tie together. Plan ahead and the installation will go much smoother. We are updating the videos and manual regularly keep checking back.

Professional Installers:


We understand you know what are you doing. However, the ReCurve EZQ does not work in the manner you are accustomed to . . it is not a one size fit all device . . . all of your questions will be answered if you take the time to review the instructions. Most of our support issues come from professional installers that rush through the installation process.

Toyota owners, be sure to convey to your installer to review the installation instructions.

Vehicle Specific Information:

If you have one of the following vehicles please click the following link for additional information:

Toyota Tundra 2014+ with JBL

Test Tones:

The link below will re-direct to our Dropbox folder that contains a number of test tones. Copy the wav files to your pc and burn as an audio CD. Try to avoid converting them to MP3 or AAC format. For your convenience each test tone is 9 minutes long. The down side is they will take a bit longer to download.

Download Test Tones Here:

Tools you will need:

In addition to regular tools you will need, below is a list of specialty tools that you will want to be sure you have before you begin the installation.

Inexpensive digital multi-meter

Wire strippers / crimpers

Suggested tools for setting up your amp(s):

Inexpensive Mini Oscope

ReCurve Setup Videos / Manual:

ReCurve EZQ Manual Rev 2

How to wire up / connect the ReCurve EZQ


How to setup the output levels on the ReCurve EZQ