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How to add amplifier to stock stereo head unit and have great sound quality

How to add amplifier to stock stereo head unit and have great sound quality Toyota Tacoma

You love your Toyota Tacoma Double Cab but not really enjoying the sound quality coming from the factory stereo?  Until recently, many audio enthusiasts looking for great sound quality, including myself would generally recommend replacing the factory stereo (head unit) with a QUALITY aftermarket head unit. Why? Well most QUALITY aftermarket head units are setup for great sound. They are NOT detuned like factory head units. It used to be VERY difficult to get great sound quality from a factory stereo.   Sure you can make it “loud” but loud does not mean great sound quality.

These days Toyota is including a ton of great features in their factory stereos. At the time of this video, many of the stock units have Bluetooth, Internet search capability, navigation (GPS), steering wheel controls, IPod and auxiliary inputs, HD radio, satellite radio and the list just goes on and on . . So it really does not make sense to replace the stock head unit when they include all these great features. Plus a car stereo that looks factory or “stealth” is more likely to detour thieves.  After a large number of requests from Toyota Tacoma owners we decided to produce a product that makes it easy to keep your factory stereo while paving the road to AMAZING sound quality.

Tacotunes  is excited to introduce the TACOEzQ. The TACOEzQ has been in development for nearly 3 years. We have been testing it in a number of Toyotas here in San Antonio . . .  from base model 2005 Toyota Tacoma to a 2014 Limited with the Entune system, this little “magic box” will help you get the sound you are craving from your stock stereo . .  PLUS installation is a SNAP! NO wire cutting splicing, soldering simply plug it in and you are ready to add one or more amplifiers to your Toyota. Gone are the days of wondering; Will this unit work with my version of Windows or support an Apple? What did I do with the configuration CD?, Why can’t I use my steering wheel controls anymore?  No more wasting countless hours reviewing wiring diagrams followed by ruining the factory wiring harness.

To make it even easier, we will tune the EQ for you Toyota Tacoma when you provide the year and body style. PLUS If you purchase one of our turn-key sound quality turnkey packages, this unit will be setup for plug and play from front to back . . Of course everyone has different listening taste so not only did make easy to install, the TACQEzQ is EXTREMELY easy to adjust.

Our goal was simple.  Make it quick and easy to restore amazing sound to your “detuned” factory head unit. Whether you like more or less bass, brighter highs or even want to adjust the mid bass to your desire. It could not be easier than using the TACOEzQ.

So what exactly does the TACOEzQ do for my audio system? The short version; the TACOEzQ takes the audio signal coming for your factory head unit, restores the frequencies that have been reduced /detuned by the factory unit, then supplies a balanced preamp output to your amp(s). Additionally, you have the ability to adjust the sound to your taste! Want more bass? Want less highs? Not a prob! Be sure to check out our installation videos. We walk you through the entire process.


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