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Brian’s System 2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax TRD Pro System 1B audio system upgrade

Toyota Tundra CrewMax TRD Pro Audio Upgrade

Brian’s System 2016 Toyota Tundra CrewMax TRD Pro System 1B audio system upgrade

This is a brand new Toyota Tundra from a local Toyota dealership here in San Antonio

Installation Summary / History: Brian is a local here in San Antonio. He recently hit the jackpot and scored a TRD Pro during his visit to San Marcos (just outside of San Antonio) Toyota dealer. He began researching stereo upgrades and came across our website as a referral form another customer. He opted for our System 1B and also wanted the front & rear doors matted.  Below are some progress pics of his installation.  As of May 4, 2017, we have installed over 500 2014+ Toyota Tundras here in our local San Antonio shop. We now have over 19,000 Tundra customers around the globe.

This is our 26th TRD Pro, these are RARE! We feel fortunate to have so many under our belt.

Our plug and play amps provide amazing clarity and tons of power.

Customer Name: Brian C.

Toyota Year / Model: 2016 Toyota Tundra CM

Head Unit: NON JBL

Color: Super White

Installed by:

System Installed: System 1B

System Install Completed: May 4, 2017


Below you will find a detailed listing of all the parts we used in the installation.

Typical Installation time is 1 day, however we matted the front, rear doors and the rear wall behind the subwoofer. If we are matting the truck we keep the truck for two days. One day audio installation and matting jobs are possible, but require at least 14 hours with the truck.

Below is a detailed listing of the audio products installed in Brian’s Tundra CrewMax

Front Door Component Speakers:

Image Dynamics CTX65CS/ID65CS heavy duty speaker mounts cut to 5.6”

CTXCS Mid bass Drivers -100 Watts RMS

CTXCS Crossover

CTXCS Tweeter

Use Stock Sail Panel for Tweeter mounts.

Rear Door Components:

Image Dynamics CTX65CS heavy duty speaker mounts cut to 5.6”

CTX65CS Mid bass drivers Handles -100 watts RMS

CTX65CS Crossover

CTX Tweeters

Tweeters will fit in stock door location

Amp: TXD3204 Four channel amplifier TXD10001 Mono subwoofer amplifier

70 watts x 4 to each speaker and 400 x 1 (subwoofer)


Subwoofer Box & Subwoofers Dual 10″ subwoofers

Image Dynamics ID10V4 (full size) 10” subwoofer 400 watts RMS x 2 


Ballistic Matting four doors & rear wall