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How to install Kicker L7 Subwoofers and box in Toyota Tundra Crewmax

Toyota Tundra Subwoofer Box Enclosure Kelsie

How to install Kicker L7 Subwoofers and box in Toyota Tundra Crewmax

How to install Kicker L7 Subwoofers and box in Toyota Tundra Crewmax – Kelsie will show you in the video how to install our Dual L7 Subwoofer box in your Toyota Tundra Crewmax 2014+. In the video below we are installing one of our full turnkey systems into this lifted truck.

Tools you need to get the subwoofer box installed:


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Impact Driver

17MM socket

People often ask us why do you recommend the dual L7 Kicker box over the shallow mount 12″?

Step 1:

Remove the rear seats by removing the 8 bolts that hold the rear seats in place. Use a 17MM socket to remove the bolts. Keep in mind that one of the eight bolts has a different thread pitch. Be sure not to mix up the bolts when re-installing the seats.

Tip: We usually remove both seats when installing a complete system. If just adding a subwoofer you can lean the seat forward. I like to use a piece of wood to protect the carpet. The seats have some pins that can easily poke holes in your carpet.

Step 2:

You will need to remove some of the plastic on the rear of the seats. See the video. If you do not remove the some of the plastic you will not be able to lower your seats after the installation. This will not affect the performance of the seats NOR will you be able to see the modifications to the seats.

Step 3:

Decide if you will be matting the rear wall. With the dual L7 Kicker subwoofer setup, we highly recommend matting the rear wall with Ballastic Matting. AT 2.2mm it is thicker than most matting on the market. If you decide to matt the truck you will need to remove the stock padding that is attached to the rear wall with clips that simply pop out.

Step 4:

Install the subwoofer box into place and attach the included mounting block to the truck. Finger tighten the mounting block.

Step 5:

Install the subwoofer in the driver side first. Be sure to wire the subwoofer properly. See our post on how to wire your subwoofer properly. NOTE: Do not forget to connect the wire to your terminal cup.

Step 6:

Install the driver side seat (larger seat) and ensure the seat brackets are not close to the subwoofer. See the video for additional information. NOTE: You will probably have to bend the upholstery rod as shown in the video. It will not affect the seat performance, nor will you be able to see the modification. Ensure the seat fits in the “notch” in the box then tighten the seats bolts.

Step 7:

Tighten the mounting block bolt. You will want to be sure you tighten the block to the point where the box will NOT move. Do not overtighten you can damage the box. If you hear a nasty rattling sound when playing the system, chances are you did not tighten this enough.

Step 8:

Install the second subwoofer (ensure you wired the subwoofers properly). Test the system and ensure the subwoofer are performing properly.

Step 9:

Install the passenger side seat.


What is the purpose of polyfill in a ported subwoofer? The short version; when you properly stuff a subwoofer box with polyfill, you can effectively simulate a larger enclosure resulting in overall better sound quality. As you are aware, we Toyota Tundra Crewmax owners (me included) do not have much air space behind the seat of our Toyota Tundra CrewMax. By adding around 1.5 lbs of polyfil to your Dual L7 Kicker subwoofer box, the subwoofers will benefit by the additional simulated air space created by the polyfill. In the case of this setup, you will gain around 32% increase in effective airspace. As many of you are aware, subwoofers require airspace to produce the lower end of the frequency range effectively.



Toyota CrewMax Subwoofer Box Dual Kicker Installation
Toyota CrewMax Subwoofer Box Dual Kicker Installation


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