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William’s Toyota Tundra CrewMax TSS Off Road Stereo System Upgrade San Antonio TX


William’s  Toyota Tundra CrewMax TSS Off Road Stereo System Upgrade San Antonio TX

Installation Summary / History:

Customer Name: William

Toyota Year / Model: 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax SR5 TSS Off Road Edition

Head Unit: NON JBL

Color: Black

Installed by:

William has had audio systems in most of his vehicles. However, he stated he has always had to settle for lower end equipment. On this go round he stated he wanted to get the most bang for his buck.  He came to us with a subwoofer box loaded with 2 JL TW3 Subwoofers and a JL Audio HD750/1 Monoblock Amp.  We agreed to install his equipment along with our Image Dynamics SQ1 package. When he showed up, we demoed our dual 10” ported Image Dynamics subwoofer box and let him choose which route he wanted to go. After demoing both setups, he went with our setup. The JLs sounded awesome, great over all sound and a very nice setup. However, the sealed box and shallow mounts subs were missing the lower end of the frequency range. Sure the JLs could rattle the mirror, but they were missing that LOW end extension like most smaller sealed boxes. In addition at lower volume the sealed box did not produce the lows without turning up the volume. This poses a problem when you want to drive with your audio at moderate level. The Image Dynamics subwoofer in the port tuned box from Tacotunes was providing both ends of music spectrum. In addition the tonal quality was much more prevalent in the box.

Why would the ported box sound better? There are many factors in designing a subwoofer box. The biggest issue in the 2014+ Toyota Tundra CrewMax is lack of air space. Here at tacotunes, we maximized the most air space possible. Then we used the best subwoofer for this solution. Image Dynamics is the only manufacturer that has been geared for smaller enclosures for over a decade. The ID10s have an Xmax of 17mm, most subs in it’s class are 11MM. The SD (cone area) is larger than most in it’s class AND they can handle 400 watts RMS easily. Put them in a properly tuned enclosure and the sound quality is very difficult to match at ALL listening levels. Who cares if the sub only sounds good at high volumes, the vast majority of your listening time will be at moderate level.

Williams’ system is louder than more of our SQ1 packages because he opted for the Exile XM15.4. This amp will output 150 watts RMS to each speaker. The Front Door Component Image Dynamics speakers can easily handle 150 watts RMS and the rear doors loaded with Image Dynamics CTX65CS speakers were setup with around 125 watts RMS.

With the additional power we upgraded his chassis ground to minimize the dimming lights.

Below you will find a detailed listing of all the parts we used in the installation.

Typical Installation time is 1 day, however we matted the front, rear doors and the rear wall behind the subwoofer. If we are matting the truck we keep the truck for two days. One audio installation and matting jobs are possible, but require at least 14 hours with the truck.


illiam’s  Toyota Tundra CrewMax TSS Off Road Stereo System Upgrade San Antonio TX


illiam’s  Toyota Tundra CrewMax TSS Off Road Stereo System Upgrade San Antonio TX

Specs on the audio installation:

The AMPs are s hidden under the driver and passenger seat. Sound Processor (ReCurve EZQ) is hidden under rear set. The full size Image Dynamics 10” subwoofers fit behind the rear seats. The entire truck appears to be stock and makes the truck appear to e stock and less likely for break ins. Additionally, the gear is setup for Toyota’s so chances of theft are greatly reduced.


Front Door Component Speakers:

Image Dynamics CXS64 heavy duty speaker mounts cut to 5.6”

CXS Mid bass Drivers -125 Watts RMS

CXS Crossover

CXS 28M Silk Dome Tweeter

NOTE: JBL Yes / No ?

Use Stock Sail Panel for Tweeter mounts.

Rear Door Components:

Image Dynamics CTX65CS heavy duty speaker mounts cut to 5.6”

CTX65CS Mid bass drivers Handles -100 watts RMS

CTX65CS Crossover

CTX Tweeters

Tweeters will fit in stock door location

Sound Processor: ReCurve EZQ JBL Harness


Exile Audio XM15.4 4 channel amp

150 watts x 4 to each speaker

JL Audio HD750/1 Mono Amplifier

750 watts RMS


Subwoofer Box & Subwoofers dual 10” subwoofer enclosure 2.0” cu feet

Image Dynamics ID10V4 (full size) 10” subwoofer 400 watts RMS x 2

Tundra Install kit:

Stereo & Wiring Installation kit:

Stinger Power, Speaker and Signal Cables:


Stinger 3′ POWER CABLE 1GA – Ring Terminal Attached

Stinger 13′ POWER CABLE 1GA

Stinger 5′ POWER CABLE 4GA – via distribution block


Stinger 1/0′ GROUND CABLE 1GA – Ring Terminal Attached

Stinger 5′ Ground Cable 4GA – each amp

Color Coded Speaker Wire:

Stinger 50′ 16GA Black Speaker Wire (Driver Side Speakers)

Stinger 50′ 16GA Silver Speaker Wire (Passenger Side Speakers)

Stinger 25′ 18GA Black Speaker wire (Driver Side Tweeters)

Stinger 50′ 18GA Silver Speaker Wire (Passenger Side Tweeters)

Stinger 50’ 12Ga Black Subwoofer Wire

RCA Signal Cables:

1 Stinger RCA CABLE 12 Ft Twisted Pair – 6 Channel (Front / Rear / Sub)

Misc Items:

35′ Primary Blue Remote Turn on wire

6′ 3/4 Split Loom

T-Spec ANL Fuse Holder

T-Spec 100 Amp ANL Fuse

10 Crimp Caps

8 Speaker Terminals .25 (Door speakers)

4 Speaker Terminals .187 (tweeters)

4 Speaker Terminal .25 (subwoofer)

15 Small Zip Ties

15 Large Zip Ties

Under Seat – Amp Mounting Gear:

4 Nylons Spacers

4 Mounting Bolts

4 Mounting washers

4 Sealing Caulk

Optional Items:



Ballistic Matting 4 x Doors & Rear Wall takes 9 sheets to complete Tundra – Standard bulk pack includes 9 sheets.