2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Plug N Play 4Ch & Subwoofer Dual Amplifier(s) & Install Kit



2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Plug N Play 4Ch & Subwoofer Dual Amplifier(s) & Install Kit

You want to add an amp and keep your stock stereo head unit (stereo)? Not a problem!

NOTE: This will not work with JBL equipped Tundras.

These plug and play amps are a direct replacement to the stock amplifier in your Toyota Tundra. Per our instructional video(s) you will simply remove the stock amplifier, install this unit in its place and you will increase the output from 18 watts RMS to 85 watts RMS to each door speaker. In addition, you can select the optional mono / subwoofer amplifiers that will provide between 400 & 1000watts RMS to your aftermarket subwoofer(s). The amp rack and harness system make upgrading your audio quick and easy! No cutting or drilling into your floorboard. PLUS, no cutting or splicing your factory wiring.

Please note your stock speakers are not setup to handle this much power. So be sure to check out our plug and play speaker upgrade options. In addition, we even offer turnkey packages to install a complete audio system in your Toyota Tundra. If you are planning to use your own speakers, be sure to check out our plug and play wire harness adapters.

Amp Specs:


TXD3204v3 Plug & Play 4 channel x 100 watts RMS Class D Amplifier – Taco Tunes – Toyota Audio Solutions


TXD10001 EZ-AMP plug and play 1000 watts mono subwoofer amplifier – Taco Tunes – Toyota Audio Solutions


If you choose to install speakers or subwoofers that were purchased elsewhere, YOU (The Customer) ARE RESPONSIBLE for making sure they can handle the power that our amps push out. We are NOT responsible nor liable if you overdrive speakers or subwoofers that were purchased elsewhere.

Installation is much quicker and easier than a standard amplifier installation.

  1. Assemble your amp kit.
  2. Disconnect your battery – negative cable.
  3. Remove passenger side seat bolts and lean seat back.
  4. Remove center console cover only. See video below.
  5. Remove the cover from the stock amplifier under the passenger seat. (2014+ Tundra’s)
  6. Remove the 3 bolts that old the stock amplifier in place (2014+ Tundra’s)
  7. Unplug the two harnesses connected to your stock amplifier.
  8. Plug in the harnesses provided in this kit.
  9. Install the amp rack or attach your amps to the floor of your truck using self-tapping screws or preferred method.
  10. Insert Blue Connector with White / Gray wires into front input on the TXD3204v2 amplifier.
  11. Insert Blue Connector with Green / Purple wires into rear input on the TXD3204v2 Amplifier
  12. Insert Blue Connector with Purple (only) wires into the TXD6001 input.
  13. DO NOT plug in the output wires.
  14. Your TXD3204 came with 2 OUTPUT connectors, we will use these to tune amplifier.
  15. Your TXD6001/TXD10001 came with 1 OUTPUT wire connector. NOTE: DO NOT MIX TXD3204/TXD6001/TXD10001 output wires. The connectors and wires appear to be the same. However, they are NOT.
  16. Tune your amps per video.
  17. After tuning process is completed insert Front Speaker Output (Black Connector) with Gray / White wires into Front Output TXD3204vX
  18. Insert Rear Speaker Output (Black Connector) with green / purple wires into Rear Output TXD3204vX
  19. Insert Subwoofer output.
  20. Amp installation completed.

NOTE: 2007-2013 Toyota Tundras will need to expose bolts under carpet. There is a video to show you how to access the stock mounting location in 2007-2013 Toyota Tundras.

Install Instructions:

Assemble Amp Rack: (Updated video Coming Soon)

Toyota Plug and Play Amplifer Instructional Series – How to assemble the plug and play amp rack – YouTube

Amp Rack Install: (Updated Video Coming Soon)

How to install plug and play amplifiers into your 2014+ Toyota Tundra Non JBL – YouTube

Amp Tuning:

Toyota Tundra 2014+ How to tune TXD3204v2 & TXD10001 Plug and Play amps – YouTube

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 17.75 × 11.75 × 6.75 in

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